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Automated Assembly, Packaging and Robotic Systems

Orion Test Systems understands today’s competitive demands of our Clients. We respond to those demands and manufacturing needs of our Clients by providing custom automation equipment and systems integration of the HIGHEST QUALITY and in the SHORTEST possible time. Controls integration services are offered as part of the complete automation package, as well.

Orion Test Systems specializes and delivers turnkey industrial automation equipment for the following manufacturing processes and industries, among others:

Assembly Machine 1 new

  • Assembly:

Automotive, medical devices, aerospace, home appliance, solar, hand tools, electrical hardware, telecommunication

  • Packaging:

Medical devices, food (from room temp. to deep-frozen products), cosmetics, hand tools, electronics, sporting goods 

  • Testing:

Automotive, medical devices, aerospace, home appliance, filtration

  • Inspection:

Medical device assembly verification, automotive, home appliance, filtration, packaging, label information verification


On-Going Project Reviews

Orion Test Systems understands importance of Project Reviews. As one of the few in the industry, we offer “on-going project reviews” in real-time over the Internet. Our proposed method of “On-Going Project Reviews” directly impacts overall efficiency of the project, improves time management and lower cost for our Client.

The benefits are obvious:

  • Number of face-to-face meetings is minimized just to few, which review critical milestones of the project, only.
  • Decrease amount of time allocated for project review meetings including travel time.
  • Save money otherwise spent on travel, meals and lodging.
  • Minimize interruption of daily activities for all members of the project team.
  • Increase efficiency and productivity of project team members.
  • Practically, at any time our Client can review in real-time the progress of the on-going work, like: machine assembly, debugging of the equipment, “participate” in tests, etc. without leaving his/her office.
  • You can visit Orion Test Systems by simply “clicking-on-key” at your very convenience.


Orion Test Systems will help you set up an easy and simple video connection for your convenience. Therefore, consider and take a full advantage of Orion Test Systems the “On-Going Project reviews” method in real-time over the Internet for your maximum gains.

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