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About Our Software

Orion Test Systems and Automation offers a wide range of software oriented services. Our engineers are highly trained and certified programmers with vast experience in application development using  VB .NET, LabVIEW, C#, C, or PLC programming languages.

Our applications are based on a framework which is a result of years of development and trials. The structure evolves with every single project as the technology that we use does. Thanks to this approach our client always gets the most up to date solution.


Because we fully understand that the tester machine needs to evolve with the tested part, we base the test routine of our applications on a sub program. Developed by Orion Test Systems and Automation Test Script Editor gives the end user an opportunity to change test setups, adjust control limits, add/remove whole test sections or even change the communication protocol and reconfigure the test station. Naturally we configure the Script Editor to fit to the end product, so the interface is user friendly and there are no unused functions nor missing options.


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