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Orion Test Systems designs and produces Product and Design Validation Testers, Performance and Durability Testers for laboratory and production requirements. We provide the full range of test services; tester design and specification development, programming, and tester manufacturing. Orion Test Systems produced numerous projects for the Hybrid and Alternative Fuels market, as well as our traditional line of laboratory and production electronic module testers, leak testers, transmission valve body and test fixtures. Orion Test Systems is proud to announce that we have entered the aerospace market, providing highly engineered mechatronic systems.

We are skilled at hot and cold temperature test stands for mechanical actuation and oil flow. For multi-headedelectronic testers, our superior design provides high channel counts at minimal floor space.

Orion Test Systems vertical integration allows complete control over the tester design and build process. This minimizes the design time and provides a robust tester. Our generic software is script based and allows the manufacturing engineer to change limits and sequences without a service call.


What Kind Of Products Do We Produce Test Systems For?

Valve Vertical

  • Electronic Module – Seat memory, Passive Keyless, ECU, Radio, Airbag, etc.
  • Mechatronic – We are experienced in CAN bus controlled motor and solenoid actuators for shift-by-wire and steer-by-wire applications.
  • Electro-mechanical – From prosthetic limb testing to solenoid actuators to delicate Instrument Panel knobs, we have experience in torque and force signature analysis.
  • Electro-hydraulic – Transmission and power steering calibration, test and assembly stands, precision pressure and flow at temperature.
  • In-Depth Automotive Product Knowledge – including RF systems, switches, body electronics, engine management, sensors and mechatronic systems.
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