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Examples of Durability Testers

2 and 3 axis Key Extraction
The tester consists of a Desktop 19” rack mount system and a fixture. Using two or three servo motors, press to an exact force, and measure the extraction force on the valet key.
CAM Cover development tester
The tester cycles engine oil of various temperatures through the cam covers to determine the breath-ability of the engine. The goal is to reduce emissions while minimizing the sludge generated.
Key Extraction Cam Cover
144 Station Durability and Burn-In
19” rack mount system that cycled an adjustable pedal module. The system used custom circuitry to achieve high density and communicated via J1850 PWM.
Switch Cycler
12 Device Under tests are cycled in the X-Y position. Milli-volt and bounce detect data taken on all contacts at 10 KHz. The tester fixture performs in an environment of –40C to +85C.
144 Station Switch Cycler Controller
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