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What is an End-Of-Line Tester?

  • Used to test functionality of products at the end of the manufacturing process.
  • Ensures product accuracy by locating any defects that require repair prior to shipping to the end customer.
  • Built with the reliability of durable enclosures, hardware and connectors.
  • Employs the consistency of a simple test suite with little or no operator intervention.

EOL Tester 1
What are some of the many applications for End-Of-Line Testers ?

Electro-Mechanical & Hydraulic Products

  • Transmission PWM, VFS
  • Electronic Steering
  • Hydraulic Steering systems
  • Throttle Body

Electronic Modules (CAN, J1850, etc)

  • Suspension
  • Air Bag
  • HVAC Full Seat Functional test
  • Gear shift drive-by-wire
  • Seat Belt Pre-Tensioner
  • Air-Bag Squib

Full Subassembly

  • Drivers Climate Controlled and Memory Seat with Seat Pretensioner
  • Door Testers
  • Dual Sunroof
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