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Product Validation (PV)What is a Product Validation (PV) Tester?

  • Tests the reliability of product performance and the production process by taking samples of real production parts.
  • Product dependability is tested through repeated application of a wide variety of stimuli over extreme temperatures and vibration conditions with high-precision measurement.

What is a Design Validation (DV) Tester ?

  • Measures the validity of a device against its design criteria, with various electrical and mechanical stimuli.
  • Takes into account the achievability of the device and what it was designed to do in the early product development cycle.


How do we design and build our testers?

We have two different approaches to the design of PV&DV Testers. Depending upon your application, we can choose either method or a combination.

Design Validation (DV)

  • Off-The-Shelf measurement and control components such as Measurement Computing®, IOtech®, National Instruments®, Keithley®, Keysight®, etc. , with PC control of the test. These allows rapid development and design. Advantages are a wealth of existing products to choose from.


  • Distributed control and measurement using our CANMETER® Real-Time Test System. This system utilizes custom processor boards for each unit under test to form a test pod. Each pod then communicates via CAN to the host PC for data storage and Graphical User Interface. Advantages are minimal latency, excellent scalability, and minimal wiring.


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