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Real-Time Distributed Control

Real-Time / ETB

Control motors and solenoids with a real-time PID loop running at 1 millisecond. We have proven applications for Throttle Body Control, High speed solenoid control, and various photographic applications. All provide minimal latency, robustness, excellent scalability, portability and cost savings.

Real-Time Test System for motors and solenoids

Our system utilizes a Motorola 5282 ColdFire processor board, sitting atop a custom load board and custom H-Bridge to form a test pod. Each device under test (DUT) is constantly monitored for CAN, analog and digital compliance Each pod then communicates via CAN or TCP/IP to the host PC for data storage and Graphical User Interface.

ETBC Front

What are the Features ?

  • Custom PWM H-Bridge with ability to source 40 Amp continuously.
  • On-board storage of data on an embedded FTP server.
  • Data can be continuously monitored via TCP/IP, Serial, or UDP
  • Custom PC application real-time graphing and error band analysis
  • CPC and Banana jack interface to Device Under Test
  • External precision encoder input
  • Portability: The device is 6”x 10” x 3” or “9”x11”x3”
  • Up to 7 Relays to control external instruments
  • Potentiometer for manual position adjust (if applicable)
  • External input can be driven from a frequency generator
  • Power Switch and Light
  • User defined entries via Web Page for the following:

          > Proportional, Integral and Differential parameters
          > Learn Min and Learn Max stops
          > Maximum and minimum current and voltage and position bands
          > User defined motion sequences including position, speed, and dwell


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